Dubai furniture scammed me and took my money!

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Dubai furniture is the worst furniture place that u can possibly go to. They steal your money by lying to you once you make a purchase. The employee in the boston road store is the most disrespectful and rude person that ive ever encountered.

I bought a bedroom set and was promised it would be delivered by the next 2 days. Then, they made up 4 different stories saying 1st that all the trucks had broken down, then they made me wait more days and told me it would be delivered and lied again.

After that, i was told the furniture was damanged then was told they didnt have it. When i asked to get my money back, the incompetent employee at boston branch did not do so. Had to change the furniture and then they delivered it damaged.

Do not go to this useless store!!!!

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Dubai furniture in NYC

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Dubai Furniture who runs about 5 stores in the NYC area ,failed to returned my deposit after i changed my mind about buying a piece of furniture from the Boston Road BRANCH IN DECEMBER 2010..THE manager told me they rather to lose a customer than return my DP which of course was only an hundred dollars but could have been more,,this store chain have no posted sign to indicate to consumers that they dont refund Dp.THEY ARE USING FALSE ADVERTISEMENT TO GET CONSUMER INTO MAKING DOWNPAYMENT with the knowing they dont have the merchant in stock isnt this illegal.

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These small stores operated like gansters never give them DP on anything they ripped me off as well.

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